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- Outweigh and Outlast the competition.

- 16” x 5" Rear Spring Saves .6 lbs per spring when compared to Eibach.

- Shotpeened for Stress Relief.

- High Tensile Strength Wire: 30-40,000 pounds higher than chrome silicon.

- Pre-set- will not sack out or change in overall height after install.

- Powdercoated with part # and spring rate printed on spring.

- 9.5" Springs are ground flat on one end, and have a pigtail to fit stock control arms on the other.

- 16" Springs are ground flat on both ends.

Remove up to 3 lbs of un-sprung weight from your car. Cost effective, lightweight performance. Available for Front and Rear Dirt Track Modified applications. 5" diameter x 9-1/2" high front suspension springs fit 64-72 Chevelle, 67-69 Camaro, and 68-74 Nova clip Modified, Street Stock, Super Stock, or other Stock Car chassis with weight jacks. 5" diameter x 16" high rear suspension springs fit many Modified chassis.


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