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Stage 2 Exterminator Kit // 2018-2019 ZR 8000 / XF 8000

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Our Stage 2 Exterminator Kits are the ultimate bolt-on performance package for the 800 C-TEC2!


Speedwerx Stage 2 Exterminator Kit 

Our Exterminator Kits are designed to ensure our customers are running the correct combination of parts for their particular model. These kits are designed for everyday type riding and require premium pump gas. We have grouped different options of our performance parts together to ensure our customers are looking at the correct combination of parts, giving you the confidence that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Stage 2 Exterminator Kit Includes:

  • Speedwerx Fat Daddy Single Pipe and Ceramic Coated Y-Pipe (4.5lbs lighter, add a muffler and lose up to 17.95lbs!)
  • Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel Controller or Speedwerx ECU Reflash
  • Speedwerx Stealth Head Mod
  • Speedwerx Hypershift Clutch Kit
  • VForce3R Carbon Reed Valves
  • Speedwerx Timing Key (with PCV only)
  • Frogzskin High Flow Intake Vents
  • Speedwerx Black Anodized Aluminum Panel Vent Kit
  • Speedwerx Exhaust Valve Cable Gauge

On our Superflow Engine Dyno, the Stage 2 Exterminator Kit peaked at 164.3hp @ 8300RPM and 103.9ft-lbs at 8100RPM- an increase of 12.3hp and 6.5ft-lbs at the peak over stock. The higher RPM and much improved over-rev power approaching 8500RPM means it will be much more forgiving on the clutch setup than the stocker and will have bigger wheels on the top end for the long pulls on the lake or the big climbs in the mountains.

You must send your ECU to us for programming if not using a PCV! Please include a copy of your invoice or a note with your return address and order number. We will hold your order to ship complete after we receive your ECU. 

Ship to:

Speedwerx, Inc.
20195 Greystone Avenue
Forest Lake, MN 55025


Sending us your ECU is always the easiest and preferred way to get it done, but for those that wish to purchase a tool to flash their own ECU, we are using the new industry leading EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 system. This will not only allow you to flash your ECU but you can also do much more.

  • Data Log live and record data to share with tuners or friends.
  • Run diagnostics checks on your machine as well as several other powersports and over the road vehicles. (brand-specific cables required for other powersports machines)
  • Reset power valves on Polaris 850 and 9r models.
  • Flash your own ECU with optional ECU Flash Power-Up Adapter


Get Connected with The World's Most Powerful Vehicle Scan Tool. EZ LYNK puts your technician in the front seat whenever and wherever you choose and is the vehicle interface for all EZ LYNK apps.

The EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool and Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

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60 Second Setup:

Plug the device into the Vehicle's OBDII Diagnostic Connector

Install the EZ LYNK Mobile App on your Android or iOS Device

Connect via WiFi

Diagnostic Scan Tool and More:


A Connected OBD Scan Tool for You and your Vehicle's Technician

Lynk with your Technician

View and Record Vehicle Data Parameters in Real Time

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Perform Technician Recommended Vehicle Functions

Install Vehicle Firmware Updates provided by your Technician, Over-the-Air

Chat with your connected Technician, within the Auto Agent Mobile App


Auto Agent 3 w/ OBDII Connection

Devices and Software Compatibility:

Android 8.0 or Later

iOS 12.0 or Later



iPod touch


Additional Accessories to expand the Auto Agent 3 Connection and Convenience:

Class 8, Medium and Heavy Duty (Semi) vehicles - Auto Agent 3 HD Cables (6 and 9 Pin Round)

ATV, UTV, SnowMobile and WaterCraft applications - Auto Agent 3 Powersports Diagnostic Cables and ECU Flash Power-Up Adapters

EZ LYNK Phone Window or Dash Mount - The phone mount that sticks!

EZ LYNK ELD system requires a monthly subscription



Arctic Cat 8000 Pipes Tested At DynoTech Research!

Recently, DynoTech Research in Batavia, NY conducted an exhaust pipe comparison on a 2020 ZR 8000. A completely stock machine with 2000 miles was hooked to the SuperFlow engine dyno to run the stock exhaust against five aftermarket pipe options including the Speedwerx Pipe and Y-Pipe Kit. When all was said and done, the Speedwerx pipe topped them all with 9.8hp better than stock and 2.8 to 6.9hp better than the competitor’s exhausts! 

Here’s a summary of the peak power and torque numbers but for all the details on the dyno session, check out the subscriber pages at

Stock - 153.6 hp @ 7900 - 102.6 ft-lbs. @ 7800

Pipe 1 - 156.5 hp @ 7800 - 105.8 ft-lbs @ 7750

Pipe 2 - 159.6 hp @ 7800 – 108.1 ft-lbs @ 7600

Pipe 3 - 160.4 hp @ 7900 - 107.2 ft-lbs. @ 7800

Pipe 4 - 160.6 hp @ 7950 - 106.8 ft-lbs @ 7850

Speedwerx - 163.4 hp @ 7950 - 108.6 ft-lbs. @ 7850

This also backs up a previous test at DynoTech that showed a 9.9hp gain on a 2018 model.

The pipe is just one part of the performance equation though. We highly recommend our Exterminator Kits to get a complete bolt-on performance package developed on our dyno and thoroughly field tested to meet our strict performance standards. The Stage 2 Exterminator Kits are the ultimate choice for those wanting maximum power and performance in a naturally aspirated, stock displacement bolt-on package with pull and go reliability on pump gas. The Stage 2 consists of our Fat Daddy Single Pipe and Y-Pipe, ECU Flash, Stealth Head Mod, VForce Reeds (2018-2019 only), Hypershift Clutch Kit, High Flow Intake Vents, Aluminum Panel Vents, and Exhaust Valve Cable Gauge. The Stage 2 delivers 12-13hp more at the peak, and 16-17hp more in the midrange, and you'll also save 13.9 to 18lbs when combined with one of our lightweight mufflers! 

Not only was our Fat Daddy Pipe and Y-Pipe the clear winner among the those tested by DynoTech, it's 4.5lbs lighter than stock too. We also have a high elevation specific pipe for better performance at altitude, or an optional adjustable pipe with interchangeable stingers if you regularly switch between high and low elevation. Now available for all 2018-2021 models, our ECU Flashes that are developed in-house change the fuel and timing parameters to ensure you’re getting maximum power and excellent throttle response with pull and go reliability on pump gas. The Stealth Head Mod has our interchangable billet domes with a special chamber and cooling design to reduce the chances of triggering the knock sensor to keep you at peak power all the time, and it also enables those riding at higher elevations to safely bump up the compression on premium pump fuel as well. We tested numerous reed designs in 2017, and settled on a special design from VForce that proved to be better than all others on the 2018-2019 engine, while the 2020-2021 kits work well with the stock reeds due to the different OEM cylinder and injection design. Our Hypershift Clutch Kits keep the revs in the sweet spot to get all that added power to the ground when pipe temps and RPM’s climb on a long pull across the lake or up the mountain. The Intake Vents deliver more cool air to make more power, and the Panel Vents help keep your belt and clutch temps in check. The Exhaust Valve Gauge is an easy way to check cable lengths to ensure they are in spec to eliminate any potential running issues, something that's often overlooked on these machines. Add our standard Lightweight Muffler that's 9.4lbs lighter or the L2 Series that sheds 13.5lbs, and you'll save 13.9 to 18 pounds overall!

We also offer a Stage 1 Exterminator Kit for a little easier installation at a lower price point. It does not include the Stealth Head or VForce Reeds so the power gains aren't as strong in the midrange, but it's noticably better than stock with the same 12-13hp peak power gain. If you find yourself wanting more, you can always upgrade to the Stage 2 spec down the road as well. 




January 2018 Testing ZR 8000 Stage 2 Kits on the Lake-

Product Updates and Dyno Testing Info - Nov 2017-

The early release of the 2018 8000 C-TEC2 models allowed us to get a jump start on all of the parts and accessories for this machine. In addition to the videos we showed you last spring where we were field testing the Supercharger and our Exterminator Kits, we had logged many miles testing clutch kits on the early build machines and have since made hundreds of pulls on our engine dyno testing various components and configurations.

After months of work, the cold air needed to finalize the specifications on components like the pipes and heads has arrived, so you can be assured all these new parts have been 110% tested and proven to meet Speedwerx standards before they reach your doorstep. Here’s a rundown on the testing process and the parts are offering…

One of the biggest hurdles in building power on this new engine package is developing components that will make power without triggering the stock knock detection system and having it correcting and detuning what are trying to do. We have the capability to monitor this type of data that is being read by the stock ECU and see potential problems before the ECU starts to make corrections (adding fuel and pulling timing)- this is well before it would trigger the deto light on the gauge and you notice a loss of performance in the field. This capability lets us know that the upgrades we are offering will be 100% safe and reliable and we will not be fighting the stock knock system with our parts. We test with 91 octane ethanol gas straight out of the pump from our local Holiday station, so it’s representative of the fuel you would find anywhere else around the country. When making runs on the dyno for comparison purposes, we make sure to get the engine and pipe up to full operating temp and make several back to back runs to ensure we are simulating real world conditions and to verify there are no significant losses on longer, hot pulls. When running the Exterminator Kits to establish the numbers seen here, we retested the stock engine to establish the baseline for comparison and it came in at 152hp @ 8200RPM with 97.4ft-lbs of torque @ 8100RPM on our SuperFlow engine dyno.

Our Stage 1 Exterminator Kits are a great choice for easy bolt-on power and performance at a lower price point, and you can easily upgrade to the Stage 2 spec down the road if desired. The Stage 1 consists of our Stealth Head Mod, all new VForce3R Reed Valves, a 2.5° Timing Key, a Hypershift Clutch Kit , and our new Aluminum Panel Vents. The Stage 1 peaked at 155.6hp @ 8100RPM with 100.9ft-lbs @ 8100RPM- that’s an increase of 3.6hp and 3.5ft-lbs at the peak, but it was up 4-5.5hp with a corresponding increase in torque throughout the midrange all the way up to where the gap started to narrow within the last 100RPM. This will translate into better acceleration in the field to quickly put you out in front of a stocker and keep you there.

The Stage 2 Exterminator Kits include all of the Stage 1 components, plus our Fat Daddy Pipe and Y-Pipe combo, a Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel Controller, and a High Flow Intake Vent Kit. The Stage 2 peaked at 164.3hp @ 8300RPM and 103.9ft-lbs at 8100RPM- an increase of 12.3hp and 6.5ft-lbs at the peak. The higher RPM and much improved over-rev power approaching 8500RPM means it will be much more forgiving on the clutch setup than the stocker and will have bigger wheels on the top end for the long pulls on the lake or the big climbs in the mountains.

The Stealth Head Mod with billet dome inserts is the key to unlocking maximum power and performance from the 800 C-TEC2. As previously mentioned, we are seeing a 4-5.5 hp gain in mid-range RPMs on pump gas with the stock pipe in our Stage 1 Exterminator Kit. At higher elevations, we expect gains to be in the 6-10 hp range on pump gas depending on the elevation and compression ratio. The head design allows us to add a 2.5° timing key while reducing knock readings detected by the stock sensor even with a compression ratio similar to stock, and without the need for a fuel controller when using the stock pipe. Higher elevation/higher compression ratios do require the use of a fuel controller.

The new VForce3R Reed Valves with Speedwerx exclusive carbon petals tie the whole package together with nice gains throughout the RPM range- we saw an improvement over the stock reeds of 2.4hp at the peak in the Stage 1 kit and 4.1hp with the Stage 2.

Our Fat Daddy Single Pipe and Y-Pipe combo with the Dynojet Power Commander V for the required fuel adjustments is what sets the Stage 2 apart from the Stage 1 and puts the big gap in the numbers over the stock machine on the big end. We tested about a dozen different configurations of Y-Pipes with the stock pipe and saw little or no gains, so we will not be selling the Y-Pipe alone.

As with the 800HO, we will be including a Cold Air High Flow Intake Kit consisting of easy to install Frogzskin vents as standard issue with the Stage 2 Exterminator Kits. We all know cooler air equals more power so they will be part of the complete package.

An Aluminum Panel Vent Kit in your choice of colors is included in all the Exterminator Kits as well. These are made from heavy gauge laser cut aluminum backed with stainless steel screen, so they look great and are very durable. They rivet in place on the front of each side panel and help reduce the heat underhood, which is especially important when it comes to belt life.

Testing with our Hypershift Clutch Kits on the stock machines was completed in the spring, however the recall replacement and fall production clutches are slightly different than the clutches used on the early build machines. Because of those differences, we will be testing them again very soon and will likely making some slight calibration changes to ensure the best performance with the latest production clutches. We will also be testing clutch setups with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Exterminator Kits to make sure we are taking full advantage of the increased power. Whether it’s a stock machine or a fully modified race machine, putting the power to the ground is a critical part of getting maximum performance, and we truly feel we have the best in the business when it comes to dialing in the correct setup. Our Hypershift Weight selection is the largest on the market and they are machined in-house along with our custom cut helixes- coupled with the large range of our exclusive H5 Alloy Springs, we have the ability and knowledge it takes to get you the right setup the first time and eliminate the guesswork and time spent adjusting weights that might come with other kits on the market. The Hypershift Clutch Kits are available for pre-order now and will ship after field testing is completed.

Speedwerx Lightweight and L2 Mufflers have been tested, the fit and internal specs are the same as the 2012-2017 models. Exhaust pressures match the stock system, so there is no power gain or loss and performance is consistent across the board. Best of all, the standard lightweight muffler saves 9.4lbs and the L2 13.5lbs so combined with the 4.5lb loss from the pipe, it's 13.9 or 18lbs lost!

Bored Throttle Bodies and Ported Cylinders are still being tested at this time, and may be offered in the future as part of a Stage 3 or Stage 4 Exterminator Kit, or as an upgrade from the Stage 2.

We will also be developing a 900 Big Bore Kit to meet the new ISR Hill Climb rules for the Improved Stock and Mod classes- this will surely be a stellar back country engine package as well!

Stay tuned for further updates...


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