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Speedwerx ProCharger Supercharger Kit With Intercooler // 2019-2022 Polaris PRO RMK AXYS 850

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This Speedwerx ProCharger Supercharger kit comes as a complete bolt-on kit with everything you need to be ready to ride- there are no addtional expenses required to upgrade the fuel system, clutching, or add an intercooler in order to get a premium quality setup! 


Speedwerx ProCharger Supercharger Kit  // 2019-2022 Polaris PRO RMK AXYS 850 (does not fit Matryx chassis)

For years Speedwerx has been leading the industry in snowmobile performance and this product takes that to a completely new level. Since 2010 Speedwerx is the only company to successfully put a complete 2-stroke snowmobile supercharger kit on the market. Since then we won the first and only X-Games Hillcross Gold Medal on a boosted sled, several riders have piloted Speedwerx Supercharger powered machines to multiple RMSHA class wins, and Garth Kaufman won a RMSHA National championship in 2017 piloting a Supercharged M6000 C-TEC2 machine the 600 Mod class. Using that same race and championship winning technology, we have developed a complete pump gas Supercharger kit for high elevation use on the 2019-2021 Polaris PRO-RMK 850 with the new 850 Patriot engine- it makes 200+ hp on premium pump gas at 4500'+ elevation. We utilize a top of the line supercharger head unit from ProCharger- the industry leader in superchargers. The kit comes complete with everything needed to complete the build- fuel controller, injectors, plug and play wiring, clutching, exhaust, etc. and it comes standard with a self-contained water-to-air intercooler system, and a cogged pulley and belt setup for more consistent performance- you can expect to see charge temps of only 60-80° on typical mountain riding days! The performance gained with this kit will blow you away for a pull and go pump gas machine- not only is the performance great, but the quality of parts and service is unmatched as well!


Advantages of the Speedwerx Procharger Kit:

  • No Lag- Simply the Best Throttle Response of any Boosted Machine!
  • Lower Under-Hood Temps when compared to a Turbo set-up.
  • Low Air Charge Temps with Water-to-Air Intercooler (60-80° in Average Mountain Riding Conditions!)
  • Self Contained Oiling System. (No oil pumps to worry about!)
  • Runs on Premium Pump Gas- no race fuel or blending needed.
  • Pull and go performance right out of the box.
  • No Engine or Chassis Mods Required.
  • Weight very similar to stock.
  • Made in the USA!


Kit Includes*:

  • ProCharger Supercharger
  • Speedwerx Supercharger Specific Ceramic Coated Muffler (kit utilizes stock pipe and y-pipe)
  • Speedwerx Hypershift Clutch Kit with Machined Weights and H5 Alloy Springs
  • Redline Fuel Controller with Speedwerx-developed Mapping and ECU Reflash
  • All Necessary Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • Lightweight Billet Aluminum Supercharger Mounting Bracket/Recoil Housing
  • Cogged Drive Belt and Pulleys
  • High Flow Aluminum Air Box, Charge Tubes, and Intake Duct
  • Water to Air Heat Exchanger with Self Contained Pump and Wiring Harness
  • Water to Air Intercooler


This Speedwerx Procharger Supercharger comes as a complete bolt-on kit with everything you need to be ready to ride- there are no addtional expenses required to upgrade the fuel system, clutching, or add an intercooler in order to get a premium quality setup!


NOTE: You must send your ECU to us for programming! Please include a copy of your invoice or a note with your return address and order number. We will hold your order to ship complete after we receive your ECU. 

Ship to:

Speedwerx, Inc.
20195 Greystone Avenue
Forest Lake, MN 55025




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