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Speedwerx H5 Alloy Secondary Clutch Springs // TEAM TSS-98 / TSS-04 / Tied

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H5 Alloy Secondary Springs for TEAM TSS-98, TSS-04, and Tied Secondary (Not for Arctic Cat TEAM BOSS Secondary)

For many years, Speedwerx had worked very hard to set the bar in performance clutch kits utilizing titanium springs. The springs and clutch kits worked perfectly, but the prices were getting higher due to the rising cost of titanium. After two years of rigorous testing, we introduced the H5 Alloy springs in 2008. The H5 Alloy springs have a 30,000 to 40,000 psi higher tensile strength compared to standard chrome silicon wire springs and they won't lose rate over time, so you can get the durability and consistent performance of a titanium spring at a fraction of the cost- they even have a 5 Year Guarantee against breakage. The H5 Alloy springs have set the new standard in performance for trail, mountain, and racing applications!

Speedwerx Part Number / Rate @ 2.2" & 1.1" / Color ID Stripe:
CCH5-J-140-240   Red/Red
CCH5-J-150-250   Green
CCH5-J-155-222   Red
CCH5-J-160-240   Purple
CCH5-J-160-260   White
CCH5-J-160-280   Silver
CCH5-J-160-300   Gold
CCH5-J-170-240   Gold/Blue
CCH5-J-180-260   Blue
CCH5-J-180-280   Orange
CCH5-J-180-300   Lime Green

Limited quantity of OEM TEAM/Venom Products springs available at closeout prices! Check the drop-down menu for available part numbers- only one spring available in some rates! 

TEAM PN / Rate / Color Reference:
210180   100-150  Red/Yellow
210178   100-200  Red/White
210179   125-175  Red/Grey (210063)
210177   120-220  Red/Green
210181   140-200  Red/Dark Blue
210186   140-220  Black/Green
210076   140-240  Red/Black
210184   140-260  Red/Pink
210194   140-300  Black/White/Red
210182   155-222  Black/Red or Black
210193   160-240  Black/Purple
210185   160-260  Black/White
210279   160-280  Black/Silver
210278   160-300  Black/Gold
955557   170-240  Gold/Black
955556   180-260  Black/Yellow
210280   180-280  Black/Orange
210281   180-300  Black/Lime Green
210195   200-325  Black/White/Blue

930700-001 140-200 Red/Dark Blue Titanium


Arctic Cat  PN / Rate / Color Reference:
0648-702   140-240   Red/Black
0648-749   160-260   Black/White
0648-790   180-260   Black/Blue
0648-792   180-280   Black/Orange




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ManufacturerSpeedwerx, Inc.
Rated At2.2" & 1.1"
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These items are intended for closed-course competition only. Alteration of emissions-related components can constitute violation of federal and/or state laws. Substantial fines and penalties can result if used for other than closed-course competition use.