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Speedwerx Exterminator Kit // 2022-2023 Polaris 850 Patriot Boost RMK / VR1 / Assault

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Our Polaris 850 Patriot Boost Exterminator Kit combines our ECU Tune, choice of L2 Competition Series Lightweight Stainless Steel Muffler or Lightweight Ceramic Coated Mufflers, and Hypershift Clutch Kit in one convenient package.

2023 VR1/Assault Stage 2 tune now available!


Speedwerx Exterminator Kit for 2022-2023 Polaris 850 Patriot Boost RMK / VR1 / Assault

Our Polaris 850 Patriot Boost Exterminator Kit combines our ECU Tune, choice of L2 Competition Series Lightweight Stainless Steel Muffler or Lightweight Ceramic Coated Mufflers, Hypershift Clutch Kit, and Panel Vent Kit in one convenient package. Your choice of tunes will unlock maximum power and performance, the exhausts shed weight and sound great, and the clutching puts the added power to the ground. Our optional Panel Vent Kits help rid the extra heat more power and boost generates, and the EZ LYNK 3 offers diagnostics, data logging, and flashing capabilities.

- Speedwerx ECU Tune

- L2 Competition Series Stainless Steel Muffler or Standard Lightweight Ceramic Coated Muffler

Hypershift Clutch Kit


Product Updates Dec 2023:


These machines are very sensitive to the overall set up and load from clutching and traction specifically. Mixing and matching parts from company to company is not advised and will more than likely lead to a poor running machine. 91 Non-Oxy Gas is must as the sled’s performance really suffers when running in Ethanol mode. Customers riding in California or other areas where 91 Octane Non-Oxy Gas is not available, we highly suggest adding some 100 LL AV Gas to your pump gas so you do not have to run in Ethanol mode. 

As we have gotten more time on these machines, we are learning a lot more about them and what they like an do not like.

Moving forward our performance packages will be labeled as follows:

Stage 1: Stock 2023 updated ECU Tune for 91 Non-Oxy Pump Gas, Lightweight Muffler, and Hypershift Clutch Kit. Optional Intake Vent and Panel Vents also available.

Stage 2: Speedwerx 91 Non-Oxy Pump Gas ECU Tune, Lightweight Muffler, and Hypershift Clutch Kit. Optional Intake Vent and Panel Vents also available. Below 6,000’ may require a mix of 100 LL AV Gas. When 91 Non-Oxy Gas is not available, additional 100 LL fuel is recommended.

Stage 3: Speedwerx 50/50 ECU Tune for 91 Non-Oxy Pump Gas/ 100 LL AV Gas Blend, Lightweight Muffler, and Hypershift Clutch Kit. Optional Intake Vent and Panel Vents also available. Below 6,000’ may require more 100 LL AV Gas. When 91 Non-Oxy Gas is not available, additional 100 LL fuel is recommended.

Stage 4: Speedwerx 100 LL AV Gas ECU Tune, Lightweight Muffler, and Hypershift Clutch Kit. Optional Intake Vent and Panel Vents also available. (Tune Availability TBA, still in testing with more info to come.)

Mufflers: Our L2 and Standard Lightweight Mufflers are working great on all the available power levels. Stage 4 may only work with the L2 muffler option (more info to come on this). We have seen issues with other mufflers on the market as they do not flow as good as the stock system, and they have a higher back pressure which throws the mapping and tuning off and makes the sleds more prone to having run-ability issues.

Clutching:  We focused a lot on throttle response and acceleration with our setups. The machines are very sensitive to clutching, if they are too light on the clutching or get setup where they rev too fast, they will bog, or fall on their face consistently. They are more fun or more responsive with a lighter clutching setup though, so this can be a fine line- a guy who like to tinker and tune all the time will have fun with it, but our baseline setups are intended to be pull and go.  A good example is when trail riding at slow speeds and you pin the throttle and create a lot of track spin- this is an area that can be difficult to get through. Most guys never see the trail and won’t have to worry about it, but we know lots of guys like to drag race on the trail too.  Another very sensitive area is when you break traction while climbing and pull the track all the way out of the snow, and it just free wheels it will bog or sound like it dropped a cylinder. Our clutch set-ups have a lot of adjustability built into them and if you never trail ride, you can probably run a little less weight or helix and the sled will be snappier and even more responsive. Those of you who already received clutch kits will have update kits shipping to you in late December.

Tuning / Mapping:  Our Stage 2 and Stage 3 Tunes are available now. The Stage 2 setup runs very strong and will surprise a lot of people even though it is a straight 91 Non-Oxy Pump Gas Tune at 6,000’ +. The Stage 1 or the Stock 2023 ECU update should be available from your Polaris dealer in January 2023.

Venting: The High Flow Intake Vent POL850T-HFI really helps the intake get even more fresh air, which helps the machines run more consistent and lowers the intake temps slightly. This also helps in deep snow conditions when the stock intake vents plug off your machine still has a good source of intake air.  This helps prevent bogging and runability issues when this situation occurs. For Panel Vent kits there are 4 options for the RMK models and 4 for the Indy models. They help keep the temps down underhood, which leads to better performance, lower clutch and belt temps, and lower intake temps. See Related Products below for more details.

Pipe Springs:  For sure under higher boost settings, you need to double up the springs on the pipe to the y-pipe.  Even on models with a stock tune this will be a good upgrade- order quantity 3 of pn ATV-SS, see related products below. Even with 1 PSI of extra boost we have seen the pipe push of the manifold and cause issues.

VR1 and Assault customers: We have lots of test time on a pre-production unit last spring and over the summer. We love the machine and cannot wait to show everyone what it is capable of. We are waiting to verify all our testing on a 2023 production model, and we will release everything as soon as it becomes available. Update Feb 2023: VR1 and Assault Stage 2 ECU Tune and Clutch Kit now available!

If you have any questions please contact Speedwerx at 651-982-6020 or email


Update Spring/Summer 2022: We have been hard at it breaking in and testing products on the new Polaris Boost models.  As always, our goal is to offer the customers the best parts, performance, and service in the industry. As others rush to release parts to make sales, we are making sure we analyze and thoroughly test our products to the highest standards to ensure or customers are getting the best. Most parts are now available to order and are shipping now or very soon.

ECU Flashing:  We have been focusing on drivability and throttle response with our programming and are seeing awesome results.  We have +10 / +20 / +35 HP tunes available. The feedback on our programming has been great, our team has these machines ripping and the response and acceleration are for sure to bring a smile to your face. The stock tune runs at 8300 rpm, +10 hp tune at 8400, and +20 hp tune at 8500-8550.

Mufflers: We have two great options, the L2 Competition Series and a Standard Lightweight version. Both of these have a CNC machined diffuser which gives you a precision fit and finish as the exhaust leaves the turbo outlet. These mufflers feature our new ANTI-BOG deep snow technology which helps prevent bogging in deep snow conditions, this design allows the exhaust to escape the exhaust outlet when the bottom of the outlet is capped off or covered in deep snow conditions. Both mufflers show a small power gain with the stock ECU programming and improved throttle response. 

-  L2 Competition Series- The Light n’ Loud version will be made from 304 stainless steel and saves 10.9 lbs.

-  Standard Lightweight- This muffler is made from mild steel and ceramic coated. It’s designed with a lower sound level in mind with just a slightly more aggressive tone compared to stock, but still saves 8 lbs.

Clutching:  We have designed and tested several new variations of our CNC machined fully adjustable weights for the P-22 clutch in conjunction with Erik Woog at VOHK performance.Our latest testing in late winter has shown us that there is even more to gain with some additional changes, we have since then made these changes and tested them thought he spring and summer with great results. These new weight designs in conjunction with our H5 Alloy Springs and Lightweight Compound Radius Helixes are showing a solid 6.5 HP gain on the track dyno, and field testing has shown  dramatically improved bottom end performance and response over the stock setup as well.



You must send your ECU to us for programming! Please include a copy of your invoice or a note with your return address and order number. The return shipping cost for the service of your choice will be added when purchasing online. 

Ship to:

Speedwerx, Inc.
20195 Greystone Avenue
Forest Lake, MN 55025


Sending us your ECU is always the easiest and preferred way to get it done, but for those that wish to purchase a tool to flash their own ECU, we are using the new industry leading EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 system. This will not only allow you to flash your ECU but you can also do much more.

  • Data Log live and record data to share with tuners or friends.
  • Run diagnostics checks on your machine as well as several other powersports and over the road vehicles. (brand-specific cables required for other powersports machines)
  • Reset power valves on Polaris 850 and 9r models.
  • Flash your own ECU with optional ECU Flash Power-Up Adapter


Get Connected with The World's Most Powerful Vehicle Scan Tool. EZ LYNK puts your technician in the front seat whenever and wherever you choose and is the vehicle interface for all EZ LYNK apps.

The EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool and Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Who is it for?

Vehicle Owners - From 18 Wheelers to Powersports and everything in between. See what we offer for your Vehicle

Vehicle Technicians - Get Connected with your customer and their vehicles; Whenever and Wherever

Transport Companies - Owner Operator, Small and Large Fleet Sizes and even Bus Transport Companies

Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers - Hotshot, Short Haul, Long Haul, Agricultural and Construction


60 Second Setup:

Plug the device into the Vehicle's OBDII Diagnostic Connector

Install the EZ LYNK Mobile App on your Android or iOS Device

Connect via WiFi

Diagnostic Scan Tool and More:


A Connected OBD Scan Tool for You and your Vehicle's Technician

Lynk with your Technician

View and Record Vehicle Data Parameters in Real Time

Share Recorded Data Logs with your Technician

Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

Perform Technician Recommended Vehicle Functions

Install Vehicle Firmware Updates provided by your Technician, Over-the-Air

Chat with your connected Technician, within the Auto Agent Mobile App


Auto Agent 3 w/ OBDII Connection

Devices and Software Compatibility:

Android 8.0 or Later

iOS 12.0 or Later



iPod touch


Additional Accessories to expand the Auto Agent 3 Connection and Convenience:

Class 8, Medium and Heavy Duty (Semi) vehicles - Auto Agent 3 HD Cables (6 and 9 Pin Round)

ATV, UTV, SnowMobile and WaterCraft applications - Auto Agent 3 Powersports Diagnostic Cables and ECU Flash Power-Up Adapters

EZ LYNK Phone Window or Dash Mount - The phone mount that sticks!

EZ LYNK ELD system requires a monthly subscription

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